Crisis Communications

Consumer Relations

A crisis can either damage a brand or showcase a company’s true commitment to quality and the customer experience. Preparation makes all the difference in the world. Morgan Marketing & PR can create crisis response plans, stage a crisis drill to help your team prepare, facilitate media training for spokespeople, handle the on-the-spot assistance when a crisis occurs and develop key messages to communicate your company’s efforts in the right way. We have worked with national brands on industry-wide issues, emergencies specific to their company, matters of business practice, and crises dealing directly with the service a company provides. Outreach to both traditional and online media – as well as to other constituencies such as employees, customers, business partners and more – is crucial so that every opportunity is taken to frame the story yourself instead of having it framed for you by others. Nation’s Restaurant News featured Morgan Marketing & PR in a crisis management special report which can be viewed here.

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