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Food Network's “Unwrapped” series for King's Hawaiian, Wienerschnitzel, Panda Express, Tastee Freez, Mimi’s Cafe and Hawaiian Host Chocolates. Morgan Marketing & Public Relations LLC identified the network’s top-rated “Unwrapped” program (featuring behind-the-scenes production details of popular American food products) as an ideal target for several food and restaurant industry clients.

With a high concentration of clients in the food and restaurant industry, the Food Network is an ideal target for many Morgan Marketing and PR clients. The agency has researched many of the network's shows, and identified “Unwrapped” as a program that would be particularly appropriate. The show features behind-the-scenes production details of popular American food products and is one of the Food Network's top-rated programs.

To initiate the relationship, the agency first outlined a variety of visual offerings that would suit the network producer’s needs to profile King's Hawaiian Bakery, an agency client since 1998. King’s Hawaiian was consequently included in an “Aloha Edibles” episode in 2004, for which the agency coordinated a full-day shoot on multiple company locations, interviews with key executives, and B-roll shots of the offices, plant and restaurant.
Ongoing relationship – With a relationship established, the agency continued correspondence with the Food Network's Unwrapped show to secure and coordinate additional segments profiling several other agency clients:

  • Hawaiian Host Chocolates showcased its chocolate-covered macadamia nut production process in a 2008 “Nuts” epsiode.
  • For the “Cheese Please” and “Party Bites,” episodes in 2008, Mimi’s Cafe was featured, along with Executive Chef Adam Baird preparing the company’s signature products.
  • Tastee Freez: A franchise owner was interviewed for the “Frosted” episode in 2007, which also showcased the history of the brand and the company's signature products.
  • Panda Express: The restaurant was included in an episode about food court concepts in 2005, and company chairman Andrew Cherng was interviewed.
  • Wienerschnitzel: For the “Finger Foods” episode in 2005, company president Dennis Tase was interviewed about the history and nature the hot dog making business.

For clients, the ROI is extensive:

  • Almost one million viewers per airing, with each episode aired repetitiously.
  • An ad equivalency of $50,000 per segment each time the segment airs.
  • The credibility of a third party non-biased endorsement.
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