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Panda Express

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Chinese New Year celebration

In the year 2009, Panda Express asked Morgan Marketing & Public Relations LLC to raise awareness for the chain in key markets surrounding Chinese New Year. During this annual initiative the agency worked with the client to establish three objectives:

  1. Position Panda Express with the media as Chinese New Year experts.
  2. Showcase Panda Express chefs as masters in making delicious, fresh-wokked Chinese dishes.
  3. Create excitement about Firecracker Chicken, the chain's menu promotion for the holiday.

Television outreach – The agency prepared regional Panda Express chefs for televised cooking demonstrations, with a detailed training program, including best ways to prepare visual displays, demonstrate cooking for the camera and incorporate key message points. The agency pitched client selected top tier television outlets and coordinated segments with outlets and regional Panda Express team.

Print and online media resource package – The agency developed a creative media kit including: a seasonal fact sheet, celebration tips, food details and symbolic meaning, chopstick use and a recipe with photo. These items were packaged in a red envelope (traditional packaging for gifts during Chinese New Year) and distributed to daily newspapers nationwide. The agency also developed a full-page food section layout for newspapers, magazines and websites which was sourced from Panda Express.

Live cooking demonstrations are annually secured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and WB affiliates in the client's key markets. Panda Express regional chefs prepared the promotional Firecracker Chicken dish on air and conveyed key messages about the holiday. The agency's print media outreach resulted in coverage in more than 85 publications nationwide. Online successes included hits on several cooking-focused websites with more than a million unique visitors each month. During the eight-week Firecracker Chicken menu promotion, Panda Express sales increased significantly. The agency received an Award of Excellence from the Public Relations Society of America for this campaign.


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